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Customized SEO LinkedIn Content


Transform your professional narrative with our 'LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service,' an integral component of your resume package. Elevate your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills and experiences, positioning you prominently in front of potential employers and recruiters. This service ensures your profile is not just seen but stands out, leveraging SEO to enhance your online visibility.


In this service, you'll receive:


  • A strategically written, SEO-enhanced LinkedIn profile.
  • Updated sections including headline, background summary, skills, expertise, and professional experience.
  • An optimized professional development and additional information section.


Expect fast turnaround within 72 business hours, culminating in a LinkedIn profile that guarantees to advance your career visibility and opportunities.




LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service

    1. After your purchase of the service, you will receive an email requesting information from you needed to commence work on your profile.
    2. Reply with the requested details via email to get things rolling.
    3. You may expect your first review within 1 - 3 business days of receiving your details.
    4. You will have up to three drafts/reviews of your profile or seven business days once you receive the first draft, whichever comes first.
    5. For additional or separate items, please see the Add-ons section.

Add Ons

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