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Bobbiette Swanson, a former Certified Senior Executive Recruiter with more than 20 years of experience began Soar Career Services (formerly Ready Resume Company) in 2016.


This award-winning seasoned recruiter specialized in direct and permanent hire placement at all levels.

Bobbiette’s diverse experience in various industries make her an expert in the career services she provides such as Career Coaching, Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profiles, Cover Letters, Bio’s and more. 


Her enthusiasm shines through in every interaction with her clients. She is passionate about helping people reach their goals, which she does by providing top-notch service that will make you feel like a legend on any job interview!


Her upbeat and enthusiastic personality is infectious. From her passion for helping others to achieving success in their professional careers, you can't help but be drawn into what she has going on inside that head of hers!


It may seem cliché, but she really loves what she does because she's helping people find their dream job or perfect fit career through the career services she offers.


During her recruiting years, Bobbiette was celebrated multiple times with top awards and on-stage recognition nationally.  She is a "Pacesetter" who set the pace for other recruiters!


Bobbiette holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.  She says that one of the keys to her success is developing collaborative relationships with clients and helping them find careers they love. She does this through enhancing and creating resumes which showcase her clients’ unique experiences that employers crave today.

Bobbiette is accomplished across diverse industries that uniquely qualify her to provide expertise in the services of:

✭ Resume/CV Writing

✭ Advisory Board Member Resumes
✭ Interview Preparation
✭ Career Coaching
✭ LinkedIn Profile Optimization 
✭ Covers Letters
✭ Salary Negotiation 
✭ LinkedIn Job Search Strategies
✭ Professional Bio

Soar Career Services offers top-quality services to ensure you the best chance to secure your targeted career opportunity.

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