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A Supportive Hug


Esra Peyton, LL.M.jpg

Esra Peyton, LL.M.

Bobbiette is an exceptional mentor when it comes to decoding the interview questions and finding the best way to express your skills and expertise during an interview process. She is very knowledgeable about current hiring trends and is very approachable. She was very quick in answering my emails and accommodating my needs. I had a great session with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to advance their career.

Justin Sullivan.jpg

Justin Sullivan

I would recommend Bobbiette to anyone who is looking to gain the competitive edge needed in today's job market. During our session Bobbiette was very informative and helped me work and map out the responses that I had been struggling with on interviews. Her past experience in the industry enabled her to give me expert advice and definitely boosted my confidence. It was with Bobbiette’s help that I was able to be efficient in my interview.

Loann Ha.jpg

Loann Ha

It was a pleasure working with Bobbiette. She is very knowledgeable in what she does. I highly recommend her as your resume writer as she is efficient and an expert in her field.

Cecilia Ambriz.jpg

Cecilia Ambriz

Bobbiette is very thorough and connectable. She put time and consideration into reviewing my resume. She is on "top of her game" with being professional and easy to communicate with. If you are seeking some to create your resume, review it or rewrite it, this is the lady you want to work with. She also has a complete package for resume writing, cover letter, thank you letter, follow-up letter and additional correspondences if needed. You will be satisfied with the outcome of her work.

Anahi Morali Nayar.jpg

Anahi Morali Nayar

Bobbiette it’s an excellent professional, she helped me to prepare my interview, and it was more than helpful. I had 2 interview, and 2 offer of jobs. I want to thank her for all her advices that helped me so much in this process. I will highly recommend her services.

Chonda Saine Cover Photo.png

Chonda Saine, MBA, PSM I, SPM. Project Manager

I really enjoyed working with Bobbiette. She was professional and very personable, which made it easy for me to express what I wanted in my Resume. She worked with me, asked great questions and was open to feedback. We were able to complete my resume in a few days and I was very happy with the results. So much so that I asked her to revamp my LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend working with her if you want to promote your brand.

Juno Ann Apalla.jpg

Juno Ann Apalla, Executive MBA, Healthcare Management 

Bobbiette helped me prepare for interviews and coached me with clear guidelines on how to deliver my best during an interview in a way that highlighted my skills and experiences. She is patient and encouraging. Anyone can benefit from her services. I highly recommended her services to anyone seeking a bridge to another role, a career change, or to simply guidance on how to prepare for interviews. Best of luck to whoever is reading this now and considering taking the leap of faith!

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