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Should You Title Your Resume?

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Woman confused about titling her resume

Yes, yes, yes, the title is important. It removes doubt from recruiters and hiring managers in guessing your intent. Research has shown recruiters use an average of six seconds before deciding on whether a candidate fits the job description.

These hiring partners are inundated with a multitude of tasks to perform, sourcing, screening, scheduling, multiple interviewing, and on-boarding so there is only so much time to spend combing through resumes for intent. It's just considerably easier to place a “generic catch all resume” hiring managers are unsure of in a “get back to it later pile“, a pile with a plethora of others they may never return to.

If applying for more than one type of job, i.e., Administrative Assistant or Customer Service Representative, simply change the title and tweak the resume to make your case for the job. If you have an interest in more than one industry or job category consider having more than one targeted resume.

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