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Resumes give a formal view of the function and the chronology of your skills, experience, and educational background.


But apart from your summary, there is little way to show your personality or why you want the job.


A targeted cover letter allows you to detail your compatibility with the job at hand.


If you are super keen on the opportunity you are applying to,  take the initiative to be different from your job competitors. It is worth your time and investment.




Targeted Cover Letter

    • Select your services and add them to the shopping cart.
    • Finalize payment to secure services.
    • You will receive an email with information on what documents to email, such as your resume, letter of recommendation, etc.
    • The first draft of your targeted cover letter will be ready within three business days for your review.
    • When you receive the draft, you have up to 7 business days (or up to three revisions, whichever comes first) to finalize your targeted cover letter.




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