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Why No Picture on Your Resume?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Smiling woman for a resume picture

Here is a question from renowned photographer, Steve Whitsitt

Steven Whitsitt
Hi Bobbiette, I am continually amazed at the photos that some folks post not only on their personal social media but also on things like linked in, etc. So, when one is creating a resume, do they want to include a photo? What are the pros and cons? Does including a photo with your resume expose you to someone’s implicit bias? Assuming that you decide to include a photo, is it acceptable to use a selfie? In a professional photo, what should one look for?

Hey Steve, It's a great question.

Years back, folks used to put pictures on resumes, then with all the anti-discrimination laws, it became a no, no. Now with social media, everyone's picture is all over the place. My rule of thumb is unless you are in a creative or entertainment type of field, leave the picture off the resume.

It won’t show up using ATS systems when you upload your resumes to apply for jobs on company sites or job boards. Regarding the selfie, it is discouraged. However, all my pics now are selfies on SM.